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At Tinkerix, we take the average Indian's problems very seriously. We are a young company that wants to help take away the problems that you face in your daily life. We want to use new technology to make life simple. So you have more time for your life! Our first product is a mobile bill management app called Cellfish. It manages your mobile spend efficiently and reduces your total cost of mobile use. And the best of all? It does this silently. Cellfish is a miser. It will spend as little as necessary so you have a smooth mobile use experience.

Open Positions

You will be working on various aspects of the app and the website. We are curently looking for Web Development and Machine Learning Interns
If you are interested then please submit your resume Here

You will write blog posts, tweet, use social media or any other approach to spread awareness of our app. You will talk to customers and understand them. You will relay this information to the marketing and engineering teams. Know More
Cellfish app is in stealth mode. To know more about the app Download using this single link (Use this referral code 341) Register for internship here

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